Weekend Competitions

It is each competitor’s responsibility to read, understand, and abide by the competition rules.

A few items to remember:

  • All entrants are required to purchase a weekend ticket and must be included or have verification of purchase.
  • All competitors must attend the mandatory roll call before their division.

WSDC rules and points determine eligibility for Jack & Jill competitions. Petitions need to be directed to the Chief Judge by 5 pm on Friday for Friday contests and Saturday by 10:00 am for Saturday J&J contests.

The petition form can be downloaded from the World Swing Dance Council website.

Download petition form

How Do I Know How Many Points I Have?

You can search for your own point total by name in the World Swing Dance Council Points Registry. 




These descriptions are taken directly from the WSDC site.

Newcomer – New dancers / competitors should check event rules. While the WSDC requires a new dancer to start in a skill level no higher than Novice, some events make the Newcomer division mandatory for new dancers.

Novice – Novice is the first category that all dancers must pass through to demonstrate their basic dance skills.

Intermediate – Intermediate is designed to contain the most dancers while they perfect their social and competitive dance skills.

Advanced – Advanced is intended to be a very competitive category where a dancer may move up from Intermediate or return to from All Star.

All Star – All Star is intended to be extremely competitive, with constantly evolving and changing skill level, and requiring consistent placements to remain in this category.

Champion – Champion points are tracked in the Points Registry; however, Champion is a general category that is set by promoters for their higher skill level dancers in attendance.

Master – A level for anyone age 50 or over.