I want to thank every one for coming out and supporting Novice Invitational 2017. The energy in the ballroom was over the top! The support for the competitors especially at the Newcomer and Novice levels was inspiring and much appreciated- as that’s what the event is about.

The workshop instructors and judges were awesome and worked hard all weekend: Ben Mc Henry, Cameo Cross and Lisa D’Amico Peltier taught great workshops. Special thanks to Brandon Parker and Kristen Humphrey for suggesting and teaching the Intro to WCS this year as well as judging all weekend.
The added Kosama workout class- courtesy of Trent Haynes & Michelle Wann Haynes was something new and great for those that needed more exercise than dancing!
Judges: Byron Bellew, Trent Haynes, Michael Stephens, Vanessa Duhon and Valerie Webre for their hard work all weekend.
Jewell Freeman: my registration chair, organizer, general best person I could have every chosen for this position.
Krista Johnson: my volunteer coordinator- who although new to this position is a great addition to the team.
All the volunteers: Lani Hutto Young, Kevin Rafter, Kenny L., Caroline Suh, Caitlin Semmelrock, Casey Margules, Kate Emzen, Dominique Martin and William Vincent Keller.
Heather Leigh Smith: as a floor mom your lining up & organizing of all the contestants keeps everything running on time.
Debbie Bernard Figueroa: one of the best and hardest working chief judges keeps on time and keeps the focus on the competitors-like the new jam part of the contests this year!
Dwayne Bourque and Philip Sechrist: true behind the scene people that work tirelessly to get the scores out.
Ruby Lair: New this year too- your handling of the website and social media posts was invaluable to help market the event.
Victor Loveira & Ruby Lair: the best competition DJs in the business and CJ Caraway joining them for social dancing music. We all know that competition and social dancing depend on great music to make everything happen.
I appreciated all the thank yous and great comments I got personally from you. Thanks again everyone for coming out and we hope to see you all again next year for 2018. What a great PARTY it was and now for some sleep!
Peggy Bourque
Event Director