We want to thank everyone again for coming to Novice Invitational 2014. Your support through the years is what keeps this novice focused contest going after 31 years. Thank you to all the Facebook users that passed on information about the move and  for all the posts about the great fun had  by all at Novice Invitational. Please continue to tag Novice Invitational in all your pics and videos.

 We want to thank the best staff EVER!

 Victor Loveira & Ruby Lair-the best swing DJs in the business for all their great competition and social music. CJ Caraway, who joined them this  year, was a plus-great job CJ!!.

 Debbie Figueroa always a professional and great chief judge.

  • Mike Topel whose humor and energy keeps us all engaged in the contests.
  • Nina Partin-Debbie’s right hand who coordinates everything in the back room.
  • Jewell Reid for managing our front desk registration and handling whatever is needed.
  • Eric Montes our ever present security coordinator.
  • Hona Outlaw the volunteer coordinator that not only did her job but jumped in when there was a need with floor mom duties.
  • Heather Smith for her smiling face and support to the competitors as our floor mom.
  • Her helpers for some big contests on Friday Talia LaPushin & Jenny Schnaidt.

 David Appel, a welcome addition for our social media, that helped us get the word out and stay connected.

 The people you never see that ran the tally room seamlessly Dwayne Bourque & Philip Sechrist.
And to the hastily assembled team that helped tear down that dance floor in an astonishing 30 minutes:  Jewell Reid, Hona Outlaw, Mitch Freeman, Shane Young, Kevin Rafter, Eric Montes, Trent Haynes and a  few more that I may have missed.

Thank you to Kelly Strouse and Swing Director!

Special thanks to Markus Smith & Trendlyon Veal for all their hard work.

 Dominique Martin & Lauren Hubbard completed our instructor staff. All these guys worked hard doing workshops, judging all weekend yet still  managed to spend lots of time social dancing with everyone.

 Trent Haynes, Michelle Haynes, Michael Stephens, Vanessa Duhon, & David Appel many thanks for all your work judging this weekend.


We hope to see you all next year!
Helen Villasenor & Peggy Bourque